Wax Machine – “Guardians of Eden”


Another nice surprise for the week comes from Brighton’s Wax Machine. The band had a sorely overlooked gem of an album on Beyond Beyond is Beyond (RIP) a few years back, and now the follow-up surfaces on Batov Records. The band’s approach to psychedelia folds Tropicália alongside the kind of jazz-laced variety that cropped up among 60’s fringe artists like 50 Foot Hose, Analogy, Blops, and Affinity. “Guardians of Eden” hits the vernal wave early on, flooding the speakers with flutes, echoplexed guitar, and ethereal harmonies. It’s laps at the listener like cool water and low lying fog. The band’s been missed in the last few years, but this is just the thing to get you going on an April morning. The song is opens up the band’s new album Hermit’s Grove, out July 1st on Batov.

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