Warm Soda – “Renegade Mode”


I’m still a sucker for Matthew Melton’s brand of power pop tipped with danger and denim and feeling every bit like the soundtrack to your summer crush. After several solid LPs, he’s got a new single in the pipe (out for a bit I admit but still crushing nonetheless). The A-side has a bit more sneer than is usually attached to Warm Soda’s often dreamy-eyed pulse; there’s a stomping beat, punctuated with an organ squirm. Its got just a touch of the old Snake Flower feeling to it and that’s not a bad thing at all. There’s less acrid asphalt melt than his old band had but still a bit of that hot leather burn to it. The b-side is a true Soda jam though, its got that hazed billow and soft slam that’s riding high on a bass line that struts through the halls like it owns the damn place. Both tracks are more than welcome around here anytime and there are still some choice bits of limited vinyl on hand over there.

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