Walter is the side hustle of supporting members from Meatbodies, Ducktails and Sadgirl and they’ve tapped the vein of fuzz-hurled psych sludge that’s inhabited the bulk of garage since the firm of Segall and Dwyer put a lock on the sound a half decade or so back. They’ve got the right touchstones (catchy riffs, heavy distortion, frantic squall) and the right connections (opening a swath of dates for Fuzz this fall) to go the extra mile peddling gnashed wire tracks that puff out of your speakers like angry grey scribbles of sound. You’d be well right to say that perhaps this ground’s been covered but hell, around these parts, the more the merrier of this brand of sonic soup. The volume should be tipped to the right and you might as well open the windows and share with the neighbors, Get Well Soon is made for sharing.


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