Fuzz descend again with a new LP and, as was probably expected, its a heavy chugger wafting in the Sabbath/Flower Traveling Band/Edger Broughton vibes and generally hanging in the deep waters of stoner metal with perfect comfort. More ambitiously sprawling than its predecessor, II finds the band stretching their limbs slightly into prog territory, though that might not be too surprising giving that Fuzz has always seemed to be an experiment in playing out the 70’s rock fantasy to its fullest proportions. Segall, Moothart and Ubovich have plenty of heavy exploits in their respective personal projects but here they wade in amplifier fry with a dedication that threatens to crack pavement. Thick with the smell of dry ice in the air, blind from the barrage of lights, the album is so fully awash in boot stomp and proto-metal reverberation that its not hard to imagine a tiny idol of Tony Iomi given a token offering of liquor before each Fuzz show. The sound isn’t rote though; they augment the usual guitar/drums bombast with a few of the tiny production details that we’ve come to expect of Ty following the last solo record. Keys balloon under the fray of a few tracks, and is that the sound of violin on “Let It Live”? Personally I’d like to see Segall wade further into the prog, could make for an interesting experiment to go full bore nerd rock, and Fuzz seems like just the platform to do it. But that’s not to say that II isn’t worth plugging the blacklight in, it’ll be welcome in any stoner basement with open arms.


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