The New Eves – “Original Sin”


I’m excited for this one. UK band The New Eves have been letting out a bit of live goodness over the past couple of years, with a single comp cut in the mix, while building a name at home. This is the first official single from the band. The A-side, “Original Sin,” comes packed with a video that leans into the band’s aural dichotomy. The song amplifies their shambolic VU vibes, cut with girl group harmonies, and occasional bouts of runic folk. Though, once the violin scratches through the second half there’s no denying the nods to Cale and co. and its impression on “Original Sin.” On a more modern note, the caustic ripple finds them slipping between wafts of RSTB faves like Wireheads, Lewsberg, and Wax Machine. The b-side to the single, “Mother,” further embraces their pagan folk fortitude, letting the more austere elements float away in a sea of strings and firelight flicker. The new single is out now from Slow Dance Records.

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