The Mellons – “Hello Sun”


Another stunner of a single from the upcoming debut from The Mellons. Steeped in psych-pop, baroque touches, and orchestral swell, “Hello Sun,” exemplifies the band’s sound. The band’s fanfare can’t be tempered over the 3 1/2 minute sunshine slab, a cut that’s enamored with Brian Wilson’s legacy, yet digging deeper into the complex end of the ‘60s — Sagittarius, The Millenium, Billy Nichols, the lighter fare of Yellow Balloon and the layered harmonies of Mortimer’s eponymous LP and The Association’s Birthday. The band tossed all these touchstones into the tumbler and lets them run wild on the speakers in bright flashes of sound and color. Band’s that embrace psych-pop these days tend to want to wander into darker notions or murky atmospheres, but The Mellons seem to be in it for the pure joy of making music that simply makes the listener feel good. The album is out October 21st on Earth Libraries.

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