Sylvie – “Stealing Time”


I thoughougly enjoyed Sylvie’s debut EP last year, a digital-only document of the bands first few tracks that sunk sweetly into the Laurel Canyon calm of the ‘70s. The record was a velvet-lined exploration of the softer side of the spectrum. The songs were breeze-sweetened and languid and now there’s some good news for those who’d love to have it in the physical form. The band have expanded that EP out to a full length for Full Time Hobby, adding in a couple of new tracks to flesh it out. “Stealing Time” closes out the new LP, a verdant comedown that’s smoke-curled and smelling of wood paneled afternoon dreams. The band features singer-songwriters Marina Allen and Sam Burton on vocals giving life to Ben Schwab’s (Drugdealer, Golden Daze) resplendent tunes. The new album is out October 14th.

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