Spiral Wave Nomads – “Radiant Drifter”


On of the great improv psych bands to emerge out of the Upstate NY / CT / MA area in the last couple of years has been Spiral Wave Nomads. I had these guys on a show with Wet Tuna and they burned down the Half Moon stage with a barrage of jams (one of which is on their last EP here). Now the band feat Eric Hardiman (Burnt Hills, Sky Furrows) and Michael Kiefer (More Klementines) is back with a sophomore LP again split between Michael’s Twin Lakes Records and Feeding Tube. The first taste of the First Encounters is the contact burn of “Radiant Drifter.” The pair has only burrowed further into their den of knotted riffs, amplifier spray and turbulent rhythm on this record and I couldn’t be more excited to hear the whole thing when it lands in the first week of January.

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