Shinglers – “Bayou Queens”


A new single sneaks out from Austin’s Shinglers, riding solo for the moment but dragging behind it a promise of more music on the way. “Bayou Queens” finds the band as comfortable as ever in their ‘70s country rock corner, crushing the last few sparks of the night under their Cosmic American heels. The band’s debut, Cosmic Range Oven, had a penchant for downtrodden tales of love, but this time there’s something a bit more than just melancholy at work. Underneath the barroom lights there’s a parallel between an elder and her younger counterpart. The song’s focus on the Golden Triangle portion of East Texas figures in quite heavily, and given the drought of health access and continuingly tight-lipped communal attitudes, the song’s narrator seems to be looking for a way to keep from getting crushed by The Pine Curtain’s vicious cycles. While open ended, the elder points towards choices she felt she never had to escape the very same cycles. The new single is out now on Bandcamp. Keep an eye on the horizon for more.

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