Sally Anne Morgan – “Prune”


I’m excited to see that Sally Anne Morgan (Black Twig Pickers, House and Land) is following up her affecting solo debut from last year with a new album out this winter. The first inroad, “Prune” is more trepidatious than the last record in tone, but if possible more organically rooted as well. Morgan’s song’s have long felt a tether to the natural world, and here with its spacious delivery and blushing energy, the song has a feeling of dawn nudging order back into the flora each day. Shades of natural wonders hang onto the bent edges of the song, tracing out the delicate machinations that seem to happen out of the sight of human eyes. The fiddle and banjo creep into view, circling one another in a courting manor. It’s not hard to imagine a bit of sun blooming like a prism through drops of water as this plays, a smell of earth and ozone on the air. The new record, Cups, is out November 12th from Thrill Jockey on cassette and digital.

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