RSTB Radio WGXC: May


Another edition of Crawl Out From the Fallout hits the airwaves this month with a wealth of new music and a few older favorites sprinkled in the set. New singles from Aux Meadows, Bobby Lee, Drew Gardner, Maya Ongaku, Silver Synthetic, Sweat, Emily Rose, Anna St. Louis, Rose City Band and more find their way into the show this month. If you missed out on the live broadcast, the archive is over at WGXC and the tracklist is below.


Aux Meadows – Perfect Toast /// Bobby Lee – Acid Grassland /// Bart – Rose Quartz /// Circles Around The Sun – Third Sunrise Over Gliese 667 /// Drew Gardner – Sun Dagger /// Prairiewolf – Sage Thrasher /// Maya Ongaku – Nuska /// David Chalmers – Zig Zag /// Walker Philips – Marigold Eyes /// Silver Synthetic – The Door /// Sweat – Paradise /// Billy Tibbals – All for You /// The Blondes – California Sunshine /// Rob I. Miller – The One /// Permanent Green Light – Wintertime’s A-Comin’ Martha Raye /// Texas Instruments – Walking Question Mark /// Country Westerns – Cussin Christians /// The Pink Stones featuring Teddy and the Rough Riders – Who’s Laughing Now? /// Emily Rose and the Rounders – The Drifter /// Lauren Barth – Highway Sleeping /// Triptides – As You Can See /// Mikaela Davis – Far From You /// Anna St. Louis – Better Days /// Keven Louis Lareau – Take Me Back To The Country /// Nydia Gonzalez – Pienso En Ti /// Rose City Band – Mariposa /// Chu Kosaka – 夕暮れほたる /// Neil Young – New Mama /// Winter Flowers – Hey Ho /// Peter and the Wolf – Safe Travels

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