Rose City Band – “Silver Roses”


Given how much I’ve gushed in the past, you probably don’t have to guess that there’s some excitement over here for the new Rose City Band LP. Ripley’s latest refines the cosmic country sound he’s been cultivating over the last few records. This time he pushes out of the private press obscurity niche a bit with a verdant sound that embraces the calm impulses in the genre. All of the songs on Earth Trip melt into the afternoon sun, but none might exemplify this more than “Silver Roses.” The cut is built on a pedal steel pulse that’s practically somnambulant, sleepwalking through dreams of wide vistas within the lush interiors of the mind. Plaintive strums and wonderfully realized organs pool around the song. It’s a perfect companion to connect with the environment around, a core drive of the upcoming LP. The ether becomes a bit closer as the last notes of “Silver Roses” dive over the horizon. The new LP is out June 25th from Thrill Jockey.

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