Papercuts – “Lodger”

Really been digging the first couple of singles from the upcoming Papercuts album, with Quever embracing a ‘60s pop sound that feels like sun peeking through the clouds. “Lodger” gets lost in the froth — a dreamy vocal over gauzy keys and a clockwork beat. Some shades of contemporaries like Soundcarriers or Vanishing Twin rise up, but Papercuts come through with a bit more of a loner pop shiver. The song sways breezily until a peak of squelch that pushes it off balance for just a moment. Quever notes thatL “lyrically it’s inspired by a memory of feeling like a fling is just sort of passing through your life, and wondering if thats all you are to them.“ That bittersweet pang of memory runs through the track musically as well, feeling familiar yet lost to time. The new record Past Life Regression, is out April 1st from Slumberland. Hell of a year coming from the label, keep perked to their ’22 roster!

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