Doe St.

A nice, compact record out of Australia landed last week and it’s as fun as it is brief. The band, featuring members of Bleach and Stiff Richards, melds slackened Aussie jangle with a bit of punk grit and gravel. The record barrels out of the start with the raw-skin blister of “Race to 25,” a brittle bottle of electricity that snaps the listener awake. From there the band leans into strums over shreds for the most part, but there’s still an undercurrent of clamor. The single, “Chasing The Scream” has an insistent pace to it with a bit of a refreshing air on the chorus, letting a few more band voices in front of the guitar gamut. The tone is worn and worried, fingerbitten anthems beneath a dust cloud of gnarled guitar and hip-slung strums.

There’s a push against overwhelming apathy that bubbles up under the tracks, especially on songs like “Chasing The Scream” — fighting getting lost in a system that’s got not interest in the future. It’s a hard lot to swallow these days, and Doe St seem to capture the dichotomy of resilience and resignation. The urge to clap back the crumble is always fighting the inevitable tide that seems to get higher with each passing days. This one should appeal to fans looking to fill a Dick Diver, Twerps, or Shifters sized hole in their life.

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