Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – “Edge of the Edge”


I think I was on vacation a few weeks back when the last Panda Bear single hit and missed out, but this collaborative album with Sonic Boom sounds like one of the best offerings from Noah since the immediacy of Person Pitch. The new single “Edge of The Edge” is built on a buoyant ‘60s pop sample from Randy & The Rainbows 1963 single “Denise,” cutting the song’s opening vocals strains and popcorn drums into a fizzing psych-pop bedrock for Lennox’s sunshine-dipped vocals. The video runs with the themes of technologies over saturation, feeling like being stuck inside a Trapper Keeper if the binder were also able to cyber-bully you in your dreams. The collaborative album from Lennox and Peter Kember, Reset, arrives August 12th on Domino.

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