Otoboke Beaver – Love Is Short EP


Kyoto foursom Otoboke Beaver taps into the kind of heavy, frantic Japanese punk that bore out bands like Ni-Hao and Afrirampo a few years back. Their whirlwind triple shot of a single “Love Is Short” blasts through the walls fists up and swinging. The band might adopt all the visual aesthetics of a ’60s girl group, but when it comes to an aural assault, the niceties drop away and they’re more than ready to topple any challengers off the mountain. The title track, stripped of its barbed vocals actually tips harder into speed metal territory, but the slight pop bent gives it all the best touches of Japanese punk.

There’s a certain humor to the all out attack of a song called “Introduce Me To Your Family.” Just as tightly wound as the title track, its a spun gold gauntlet of punk that’s got a bounce in the guitar line and some borderline funk in its bones. This track skews more experimental than the first and leads nicely into the hateful spit of capper, “Mean,” a 19 second aperitif that’s perfect for breaking off a breathless single.

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