Nudity – Is God’s Creation


I wrote briefly yesterday about Portland psych flayers Nudity, and as luck would have it, there is a much needed retrospective of their work out now. Though, its already becoming as scarce as the source material. Nonetheless, this is a vital document of a band that’s been tearing the doors off of the Northwest for sometime. The band culls members of much loved, but short-lived garage band Tight Bros. From Way Back When (Dave Harvey and Dave Quitner), picking up some of the napalm guitar fallout of their output and injecting a heavy dose of Brian Jonestown style quiver n’ quake with a dash of sitar psych thrown in for good measure. The band knows how to work both the octane streaked psych-punk side of things while navigating some more languid moments of drop-out headspace as well, both of which find their space across this well packed retrospective.

The collection pulls together songs from the band’s 2006 eponymous, self-released CD-r plus tracks from the 2005 CD-r Winter In Red. Additional tracks are picked up from a 12″ on Discourage and a comp for Iron Lung, add in a few live unreleased gems, and this is one of the most complete documents of the band available anywhere. Though not recorded as a full length in scope, the record does a pretty good job of feeling like a full release, showing the band’s heavy power, aptitude for covers (Hawkwind’s “Hurry on Sundown” and Flower Travellin’ Band’s “Make-Up”) and shaggier Eastern influences without feeling cobbled together. Likely Nudity is a band that most are unfamiliar with, but at least there exists a document that they came, conquered a swath of psych and burned unbearably bright for a short amount of time.

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