New Centre of the Universe, Vol 3


While compilations are sometimes spotty at best and label samplers often just cull up material that’s already worked its way through previous pressings and releases, Aussie label Anti-Fade has had a serious run with their New Centre of the Universe series. The first couple found their way to small press cassettes and rounded up unique tracks from King Gizzard, UV Race, Dick Diver, Chook Race, Living Eyes, Hierophants, Ausmuteants, Super Wild Horses and more. Their newest comp expands its scope and makes the move from spools to wax, topping out the LP at seventeen tracks worth of some AF staples, solidified jangle-pop stalwarts and newcomers with great promise.

Packed in the grooves is new fodder from good ol’ Anti-Fade faves like Parsnip, Alex Macfarlane and Vintage Crop, along with new material from South Hemi dusters like Terry, The Stroppies, School Damage, and Exek. But the release is not content to simply lean on the old, familiar names. “Sky High” from Traffik Island is a jangled gem. Geelong’s Gonzo bring the caustic crust and hometown vibes to the label. Billdozer brings some thick riffs and fire fuzz. It’s as accurate a barometer of burgeoning sounds from across the continent as your likely to hear in one place this year. Anti-Fade has long been a favorite label around here and this collection only proves that they’re still kicking through the right dust to find the new sounds.

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