BK art punks Bodega’s debut for What’s Your Rupture comes skirting in with tongue firmly planted in cheek and a winking smile that would read as smug if they weren’t also hammering that snark into catchy chunks of culture-soaked catharsis. Ok to be fair it still kinda reads as smug, but the band also lands lyrics like that friend who is brutally honest but also calls out the shit everyone else just lets slide. They lay it out in the opener “How Did This Happen?” a wave of the hand that sweeps aside the romanticism of music or musician as high minded or sacred by the 50-odd years of posturing prior to the song’s creation. The band’s assertion that “this machine it killed the dream of the ‘60s / this machine you know it’s just a guitar” takes the right amount of wind out of every self-important slinger with too much faith in their own cache.

Bodega are bashing out comment box banter with the soul of Tom Tom Club. The band is pushing an agenda of gyrate n’ jerk while their jokes run roughshod over their Brooklyn brethren, because as much as they disdain the older generation they aren’t sparing their own either. Nor should they. They steamroll Instagram vanity under the premise of self-documentation, toxic masculinity, endless cultural one-upsmanship and life under the gig economy. The band walks a pretty fine wire, they’re shooting for ESG boogie and Television tension with the sinking smirk reserved for writing a Live Journal screed the summer after freshman Sociology.

While there’s a sense that in six months the album will hit its expiration date and crumble a bit at the edges, the elasticity of its grooves will save it from the pool filter. In the same way that the ‘80s new wave and post-punk holds up with the sparkling bounce at their core, so too will Endless Scroll serve as a jerk-jointed BK dance inciter with its foot permanently rested in 2018. I’m already looking forward to putting it on my nostalgia playlist. Somehow I feel like the band would find it appropriate.

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