Nashville Ambient Ensemble – “Conversion”


A wash of relief floods the field with the first cut from the debut of the Nashville Ambient Ensemble. The record was brought together by composer Michael Hix, roping in some of the city’s best to add textures to his embryonic dose of cosmic country. The assembled players include Cynthia Cárdenas, Timon Kaple, Deli Paloma-Sisk, Kim Rueger, Jack Silverman and RSTB fave Luke Schneider on pedal steel. “Conversion” wafts in on a wave of euphoric steam, fogging the foreground with shifting synth and aqueous guitars that seep through the senses, radiating golden hues across the synapses with each progressive moment. The textured vocals dart through the mists unseen, feeling everywhere and nowhere until the song simply retreats back into the air. Hix’s ensemble pull an unseen weight from the mind and body, loosening the nerves with each second on their upcoming LP for Centripetal Force. The LP, Cerulean arrives on March 19th, and I’d recommend letting it find a way onto your speakers.

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