Black Twig Pickers – “Roan Mountain Sally Ann”


Really great to see this one coming through today. It’s been since 2015 that we’ve had a release from the great Black Twig Pickers and the band have let loose the news that a new LP is on the way from VHF. In the interim, the profiles of the players have risen, at least in the folk circles that seem the most potent. With Sally Anne Morgan just off an excellent debut LP last year, Bowles constantly surpassing any expectation with his recent releases and Gangloff building out the Spiral Joy Band. With the assembled players back in place they resume their exploration of traditional songs, finding a weather-beaten beauty in the old-time temperament that never seems to truly leave the American consciousness. The impression of these songs is made more apparent with the air of isolation hanging overhead. Made for community and built upon the joy in gathered celebration, the songs here are imbued with a raw emotive quality that’s as hard to pin down and document, but the band lifts these songs up out of the town squares and open-air markets and threads them into tape, making us all a part of the gathered mass.

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