Mythic Sunship


Straying from their longtime home at El Paraiso Records, Copenhagen’s Mythic Sunship lay down a psych-jazz crusher for Tee Pee. Their US debut rises out of the same ashes that their past few albums have, the band continually burning the stereo to cinders on each new entry to their catalog. Wildfire comes skidding out on the tail of their ferocious set at Roadburn a couple of years back and the massive cut from that live disc, “Olympia,” rears its head here, strafing the album with eleven and a half minutes of fuel oil fumes, turbulent winds and dark corners. Adding to the allure of the album, the sax skronk of Søren Skov lights the fuse once again, proving to be the band’s secret weapon as they creep closer to the free-noise pyre.

The band’s long been a seething animal, both on the stage and in the studio, and they don’t seem to have reached the bounds of their breath just yet. As they’ve arced further away from the doom-laden seismic psych of their past, the jazz element has pushed further to the front. Using Another Shape of Psychedelic Music as a launchpad, they push further into the cosmic scrape of free riffs, motorik mayhem, and volume-huffed squalls that rise in mountainous waves over both sides of the new album. The studio side of “Olympia” sees the band tighten the gargantuan riffs into a syncopated guitar assault, while with opener “Maelstrom,” the band may never have created a more aptly named song.

They’re not all creosote and crush, though. There are moments of respite on “Landfall” but they don’t linger long, The band have come to prove they can thread the eye of the nebula. They take on the task with a chaotic glee. When band has so consistently upped the return on expectations it’s hard not to let great moments get taken for granted. Yes, Mythic Sunship has tapped a sun flare or two in the past, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive when those speakers are melted to the wires once again.

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