The Surfing Magazines – “Sports Bar”


One of the bright spots of 2017 was the debut from UK quartet The Surfing Magazines. The band, comprised of members of The Wave Pictures and Slow Club pushed past the obvious garage / surf connotations of their name and found a way to tap into the slouched yet sublime trappings of VU and The Modern Lovers. Their last album was packed with low-slung shakers and sax-pocked midnight gems that found a stillness between the beads of sweat. With the announcement of the band’s upcoming LP, Badgers of Wymeswold they’re pushing a bit more exuberant, bounding into the room on a rubber-legged baseline and a swell of organ to tell a tale of stagnation and shaking people’s perceptions. “Sports Bar,” puts the band out into the sun, letting the shadows of their debut fall away with a glorious gust of garage swagger. The new LP is out July 30th from Mosh Moshi.

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