Brand new burner from MV & EE and it couldn’t come soon enough. Mind melding with their work under the Wet Tuna tentpole, the album feels like a companion piece to the humid body-wrap bliss of last year’s Warping All By Yourself. As the Tuna has entered its post-P.G. era the worlds of MV & EE and Tuna have begun to collide and I’m more than happy to get lost inside the psychedelic circle of mirrors that ensues. The album opens in fine form, holding back nothing and hurtling the listener immediately into the vortex of sound that finds eastern rag, the pine-tar plate throb of dub, and a dopamine crackle of funk all co-existing in perpetual psychedelic motion. The air turns acrid as the guitar dips its strings into a rancorous resin for “No Money.” Sweat beads between the grooves of the LP, slick and slippery, feeling like the needle might falter at any moment. It holds fast, though, skidding into the tidepool turndown of “Dancin’” – a kind of delirium dalliance with memory that finds the radio waves of youth bending Bowie & Jagger through slowly dissolving prism.

The pair doesn’t prove shy about length on Green Ark, making full use of the gatefold in all its glory. The nearly twenty minute opening salvo “Free Time” isn’t alone in its grip for a runtime record here. The band pushes past the marker once again on the propulsive brain scrub, “Livin’ It Up.” Time is of no essence on board the boat, though. The second platter embraces the ether even more than the first, pushing the listener further and further from solid ground. The chewiness that glued the listener to the grass on the first half dissipates, letting waveforms wobble off of smoke plumes and wiggle through fogged glass grottoes. Better not lose sight of the Ark among all the haze, because there’s no getting out of this one without a guide. After an hour the edges start to sway. It would be easy to let go and glide, but the band pulls us out, letting the heavy slap of metronomic drums lull the listener from the trance on “Rebirth.” Decades into their partnership, MV & EE prove that they’re still steering the ship of underground psychedelics, charting waters that others only see over the horizon.

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