Landon Caldwell & Flower Head Ensemble – “Woven Realm”


A second new release from Indiana’s Landon Caldwell is announced today, following shortly on his new cassette for Trouble In Mind’s Explorer’s Series. This time he’s joined by an assemblage of musicians dubbed the Flower Head Ensemble, all brought together remotely. Each musician was given a morphing tone to improvise along to independently, and the pieces were assembled by Caldwell from the submissions into a constantly shifting euphoric jazz landscape. The player’s riff off of one another while never having seen one another — a concept that seems like it shouldn’t work on paper, but comes together into a gorgeous tapestry in Caldwell’s hands. The assembled players include Thom Nguyen, Mark Tester, K Dylan Edrich, Nick Yeck-Tauffer, Tom Lageveen, and Mac Blackout. The first cut flung out into the world is the cavernous “Woven Realm,” a huge 12+ minute track scarred by Lageveen and Blackout’s saxes and vibrating above Caldwell’s synth plumes. Simultaneous Systems is out April 30th from Moon Glyph.

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