Keven Louis Lareau – “The Girl That Turned The Lever”


A couple of weeks back Keven Louis Lareau (Cut Worms, Quilt, Hand Habits) let out a solo cut that warmed my cosmic country heart. Finding a perfect balance between warm, sundown vibes and heart-heavy ennui, Lareau has definitely been slotted into the ‘one to watch’ column. Seems he didn’t give us long to wait, either. Over the weekend Keven let out two glowing covers of an old favorite of mine, Ernie Graham. Both cuts appear on Graham’s 1971 eponymous record, an LP that quite certainly should be filed in the Hidden Gems category. Both covers hew pretty close to the originals, though Keven fits both tracks out with a soft sway of pedal steel from Hamilton Belk, that add just a little something that the originals might not have known they were missing. These are instant grabs for anyone locked tight to the new wave of Americana that’s been rippling out of the speakers lately with bonus points to the Graham fans in the crowd.

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