Joseph Allred – “Wine Song”


The good news out of Centripetal Force doubles down today with not only news of new DWLVS but a new Joseph Allred record on the way as well. Allred is always keeping busy with releases but some stick to the speakers harder than others. Feeling like an emotional follow-up to Branches and Leaves, New Jerusalem again deals with faith, mental illness, divine light, and self-exploration. The first single from the album finds Allred thickening the sound, still leaning on harmonium and fingerpicked peace, but building tracks out to towering ensembles, entirely constructed on tape by Joseph themself. Where Branches often let the air of ambiance be the only accompaniment, beneath the creak of “Wine Song,” there’s a clatter of percussion that’s only a hint at the menagerie that’s turned Allred’s folk into something far more psychedelic than usual. The new album, New Jerusalem, is out October 27th from Centripetal Force.

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