Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders – “Beowulf’s Trip”


Another one creeps out of the upcoming Heavy Lidders album and its just one more reason to keep eyes on August 6th. This album’s so packed full that each new bit is a journey unto itself. “Beowulf’s Trip” is a rework of a song that first popped up on Alexander’s solo album for Feeding Tube a couple of years back. The band had been reworking this live over the past couple of years and the new version pushes the song right into some Neil Young territory, radiating “Cortez” vibes. The cut opens up the new album and sets the tone for the shrouded journey that’s to come. It’s a desperate, damaged song, but hopeful as well and the Lidders pull it off perfectly. This one should already be high atop your list for 2021, but if its not, then let this serve as a reminder to get it there. The record is out next week from Arrowhawk.

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