Jack Name & Aoife Nessa Frances – “Watching the Willows Burn”


Quite a lovely collaboration today between Jack Name and Irish artist Aoife Nessa Frances. With a mutual appreciation for one another’s work spurring the two to do a duet, the pair unleash the somber yet soothing “Watching The Willows Burn.” The song floats along the listeners’ consciousness with a spectral slink. Shades of bewitched ‘60s folk pull this one between the forests of New England and the cliffs of California, the song enveloped by a pastoral quality that flickers like hazy memories.

The pair expand a bit on the background of the song, “A lot of our conversations drifted into topics like mysticism and ancient history. We imagined a struggle between a peaceful group of moon-worshipping people and maniacal totalitarian warlords. That sent us down a stream which eventually led to the different things willows can symbolize. It’s interesting how they can stand for purity and nourishment and also grief and death. So what does it mean to watch them burn in the dark? Perhaps a rebirth, whether healing or destroying, depends on who’s watching.” The single is out now from Mexican Summer.

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