Howlin’ Rain – Demos


If you’ve spent any time trawling around here the name Howlin’ Rain is going to come up pretty often, so its exciting news that the original demos that Ethan Miller cut and sent to John Moloney and Ian Gradek before the band would meet to hash out the debut album. Even more exciting than the stripped bare, but powerful versions of tracks that ended up on that album are the new songs here that didn’t make the cut, but still give a vision of what was to come on that eponymous killer of an LP. The songs are stripped back to the bones, acoustics and fuzz fight for space over a patter of hand drums from Miller, but the magic that made that first album is still here in the raw. There’s a very limited LP version of 150, which probably won’t last too long. Necessary for the heads out there. That’s for sure.

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