Rosali – “Pour Over Ice”


Missed out on this one in the crush of Friday, but Rosali has let out another great single from her upcoming LP, No Medium. A harder hit than the first, the song deals with the blurry haze of alcoholism, trying to put together pieces of nights that seem only half lived and hardly remembered. Sunny strums are burnt through with blistering leads, hammering away the ease as Rosali recounts a relationship gone wrong and blotted out with enough substance to ebb the pain. The video was put together by her Long Hots bandmates, who blend a hazed performance with the kind of small details that seem to swim through each morning. Rosali’s new album is poised to push her to greater attention, a bruised collection of songs that leave a mark on the listener for days. The record is out May 7th from Spinster.

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