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Jason Henn’s Chain Smoking On Easter was pretty limited in its release but it planted a seed that spread and left a trail of singles in its wake, finally letting on to a bigger stage for Blank Cartoon. The new album is a smudge of pop-sike, gnarled garage pop and short sketches of songs that bring to mind Guided by Voices as produced by Tim Presley from White Fence. There’s plenty of catchy fodder here, with earworms for days in tracks like “Caterpiller” and “Fort Wayne Mermaid” and its the kind of album that snags the hearts of plenty of paisley pop fiends waiting for someone to jumpstart the smoke hazed memories of the movement.

The singles have popped up primarily on Third Uncle but also on venerable litmus Chunklet and Brooklyn indie magnet What’s Your Rupture? who’ve put out the full length as well. The album bounces its themes and styles with a flicker of whimsy, like flipping late night TV dials through psych addled ad jingles and Top of the Pops re-runs squeezed through the UHF static. There are definitely more moments that stick to the wall than fall through the hiss and its easy to see that Henn’s got a knack for melody and an equal impulse for experimentation that comes to a head nicely over the course of Blank Cartoon. This one seems to be flying a bit under the radar lately but its the kind of record that fills collector’s crates and bubbles up in lost gem lore.

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