Heavenly Bodies


While not the first to take up the name Heavenly Bodies, the Philadelphia trio may be the ones who most completely embody the ideal of slowly colliding stars on their debut for Petty Bunco. The 12” consists of one 24+ minute song that moves from shimmering guitar transmission beamed from beyond the dust to tectonic movements that swell and strain. The band’s ability to wield tension proves to be magnetic here, with the slow build of “Universal Resurrection” drawing the listener in even as the volume threatens to consume them.

The trio harnesses drone scorch to their advantage, eschewing obvious moment outside of the patient creep of bass towards the final billowing build. The guitars, more than anything just seem to grow and feed on sound — their aura getting bigger and more ravenous with each passing moment. As the piece reaches its peak, the cosmic force of the drone hits the listener like a solar flare, stripping away resolve, regret, and release in a sound bath of heavenly fury. I recommend letting Universal Resurrection rattle the windows this week.

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