Hans Chew – “I Don’t Know Maybe”


I haven’t given any official space to the great comp from Aquarium Drunkard, The Drop Bear’s Song. The come benefits Australian Wildfire Relief — which almost seem like a distant dream only 5 months into 2020. The site has assembled a huge collection of great songs including this heavy number from Hans Chew. His last set for Black Dirt Studios alongside Garcia Peoples was an essential pickup and this one seems like an extension of the same vibe. Heavy piano blues that beg to be blasted, “I Don’t Know Maybe” is prime Chew and a reason that the man is a secret weapon among psych and folk players (see: Arboruetum, Chuck Johnson, Steve Gunn, Hiss Golden Messenger). Chew’s been holding down time on the piano in RSTB faves One Eleven Heavy and notably two of his bandmates, Nick Mitchell Maito and James Toth both contribute a track (two in Toth’s case). The comp nabs a whole host of other faves from Dire Wolves, MV & EE, Elkhorn, Mary Lattimore, and Prana Crafter, to Starbirithed, The Reds Pinks and Purples and Trummors. If you’ve let it linger in the want list for now, Friday’s a Bandcamp bonus day so more love to the cause here.

Support the benefit. Buy it HERE.

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