Guaxe – “Onda”


Got a new video up today from Boogarins offshoot Guaxe, the duo of Dino Almeida (Boogarins) and Pedro Bonifrate (Supercordas). “Onda” is a sparkling psych-pop stunner full of blurred neon synths, fogged vocals and an insistent beat that pushes the song along with a hypnotic shake. The band’s named after the Gauxe bird that lives in the forests of Brazil near where the artist’s recorded, inspired by the bird’s otherworldly synth-like call. Definitely a track that should appeal to those in the mood for some downtempo grooves from Temples or offshoots of Beta Band, Lone Pigeon.

The band’s Pedro Bonifrate gives a bit of insight into the track and its homegrown video. “Onda” is one of the last songs we’ve recorded for the album, and one of the upbeat ones. Roughly it’s got me singing the verses and Dino singing the chorus, so you can hear us both on this one. The video was edited by myself with amateur footage from our gatherings in Paraty through the last 4 years, when the album was recorded. I guess it’s a nice way to show people some effective context about the Guaxe project, which was born from friendship and a true love for music.” The record is out September 6th from OAR.

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