On their debut EP, Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, Olive Ardizoni created a capsule of calm that, much like the moniker that adorns the project, acted as a life line between humans and nature. From that verdant womb of an EP has sprung its successor, the equally engrossing Music For Living Spaces. Again an attempt to bridge nature and the human condition, this time Ardizoni is eliciting joy, unshielded and unabated across nine rivulets of calm. The album triggers a sense of disarmament, an openness that continues throughout the record and eases off the album on a chemical level once the last notes have receded back into the floorboards and fissures.

Ardizoni’s approach is minimal, but never sparse. The synths bloom in thick tufts or seep across the speakers through a capillary creep, fanning out into patterns that evoke color and light. The soft peach glow of the tracks is underpinned by the slight hiss of field recordings — the chirp of birds, the hum of bugs and the cool wish of wind that can almost be felt as the record works its way through the subconscious levels of the mind. While seemingly soaking in an ambient realm, the record works much better as a focal point, blotting out the grey edges of the world for a few moments and letting its subtle serotonin work into the mind. It’s a kitten soft swath of kindness that spurs the senses to sharpen, adjusting the contrast on one’s environment in real time. Isolation is still a prevalent theme in 2021, here Green-House creates a staging area for human connection. Forty minutes of energy seeping into every pore force a reset to let compassion begin to flow once more.

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