Green-House – “Royal Fern”


With the announcement of their debut LP, Music For Living Spaces, Green-House releases another excellent ray of calm to ionize your afternoon. Alongside the flute-soaked first cut “Sunflower Dance,” the percolating “Royal Fern” exemplifies Olive Ardizoni’s approach to minimalist journeys. The songs transport the listener from the ground-in realities of modern living, hoping to give some bucolic headspace to the moments that the record wafts through your life. Synths surround the listener, glowing in hues of pale pink and orange, but always awash in the vernal, green qualities that seemed best associated with Ardizoni’s Six Songs for Invisible Gardens. Here they once again create an oasis of sound, an aural bath of flora to open up the clenched confines of the mind. The full length arrives May 7th from Leaving Records.

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