Farmer Dave & The Wizards of West – “Ohana”


Following up on last year’s debut from his new outfit, Wizards of West, Cosmic American legend Farmer Dave Scher readies a new single and a new album for Curation Records. Echoing his work with Kurt Vile, while digesting tranced-soul stoned psychedelics, “Ohana” clips in with an understated groove before it builds to a multi-layered blur of voices, keys, and percussive pounds. Sher lets the track swell, from a bone-dry patter to blue-skied soaring vista that echoes the song’s deep-rooted terrestrial connections. The song is bigger than anything in Scher’s catalog, a plea for connection in a time of self-involvement. The songwriter lets his earnestness shine through without a shade of shame — this is a hand to the ground shaker that swells with the kind of majesty that’s rolls down the spine in silvered shivers. The new album, Second Summer, is out this fall, but “Ohana.” Is out now.

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