Diatom Deli – “Disarray”


There have been some lovely, tender records emanating from RVNG this year and the label adds one more to the list with Time~Lapse Nature, the new record from Taos-based songwriter Delisa Paloma-Sisk aka Diatom Deli. With help from Michael Hix (Nashville Ambient Ensemble) and engineer Bryan Talbot, Paloma-Sisk has created an album that floats on the air. Despite the ethereal nature of Time~Lapse Nature, the light veneer often hides Paloma-Sisk’s deeper themes, including cutting off unhealthy relationships. “Disarray,” notes Delisa, is “about friendship breakups. It’s not talked about often but breaking up with a close friend can sometimes feel even worse than leaving a romantic relationship. I had a really difficult time accepting this when I decided to break off a friendship that at one point meant the world to me. Sometimes, our priorities change or we start to feel a shift happening in our friendship and we don’t know what to do with those feelings or even talk about them. Overtime I’ve learned to find clarity with the decision I made and forever honor the contributions this person gave to my world and at the same time, honor the feeling of missing them as well.” The new album is out May 13th from RVNG Intl.

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