Various Artists – Sky Dust Drifter


Yet another solid comp out of L.A.’s quickly solidifying Forager Records. This one feels like almost a proper follow-up to Belong To The Wind, the compilation that touched the whole label off last year about this time. Packed with more obscurities that touch along the axes of psych, AOR, cosmic country, and Americana, Sky Dust Drifter is every bit as potent as the last batch. From the deep-pocketed groove of the title track, presented here for the first time in English (instead of its original Hebrew) to the jazz-rock reverberations of Randy Ream’s “The Divorce Song,” there are more than a few gems here. The later devolves into a heady second half that’s danker than it deserves to be.

Elsewhere some slight fuzz rock digs through the funk fallout of AOR with Sunburst, the lap of horns and a bit of a yacht rock Seabreeze emanate from Richard Daly, and Richard Spano crawls out from under the specter of The Moody Blues. The clouds gather a bit more than they did on Belong To The Wind, setting this apart from the folk flow of that comp, but if that one struck a chord, then this should seem like a natural pickup. Between this and the recently released third installment of Country Funk from LITR, this should have your mercurial summer covered.

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