Corsano, Maranha, Youngs – “We All Become Everything”


Seems like a day for massive tracks and this excellent new collaboration between Chris Corsano, David Maranha, and Richard Youngs should serve up the full amount of desert tarpit psychosis you need for the year. The record is made up of two huge tracks recorded by the trio on a hot June night of their 2019 tour at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. The A-side, presented here ripples in over the parched blacktop in discomfiting waves before Youngs’ flute adds an eerie tension. From there the song turns spiritual, Youngs adds vocals that lift up to the heavens. Corsano beats out a constant nod and clarinet and violin saw at the burnt air with equal hunger. Its not often that three such talents hit the tape together and this set proves that it pays to capture the rare air when its blowing. The record is out 4/30 in a ltd pressing of 300 from Improved Sequence.

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