Cool Sounds – “Hello, Alright, You Got That?”


Aussie outfit Cool Sounds continue to evolve into a firmer pop band and on their latest single they inject an off-kilter funk that dips into the New Wave vat to great effect. With a bubble of percussion percolating underneath, the band swipes at Talking Heads and Beta Band shadows while still letting this one breathe its own irascible air. The crew has never come this close to dance, but they’re making the sound stick without tumbling headlong into indie festival fodder. Instead they make it feel like it emanates the same strange magnetism as their influences. Though a lot of the same collaborators from the past iteration make it into the mix, this time around Cool Sounds is mostly the work of Dainis Lacey, having played the bulk of the album himself. Multi-instrumentalist Dylan Young, saxophonist Pierce Morton, Ambrin Hasnain (Partner Look) round out the sound, but let Lacey steer the ship as Cool Sounds moves into a bright new direction. Lacey’s been working towards due for a long time, and I’m hoping that the upcoming Like That pushes Cool Sounds into a brighter light. The record is out October 7th from Chapter Music.

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