Cindy – “Lost Dog”


Two great SF releases in the same week, must be something in the air. In addition to the new album from Flowertown, Cindy (who share members with FT) also have a gorgeously shrouded album on the way. Less overtly folded into the fog than their counterparts, Cindy still have an air of calm, quiet and cloistered comfort about them. “Lost Dog” is a creaky swing that soaks in the afternoon sun. The song ambles by on bare strums, patient keys, and the vapor-strewn vocals that have become the band’s trademark. The song glides, absorbing the atmosphere around it. It’s the kind of track that might soundtrack the solitary crush of the day, carrying the weight while the world moves through mundane postures outside of the headphone hideaway. The band’s new album 1:2 is released via Tough Love/Mt St Mtn on October 1st.

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