Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt


What’s most striking about the new collaboration between Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano is the lack of jaggedness. The pair have worked together before, most recently as a duo on Brace Up!, which found them entrenched in a desiccated noise grip, leaving the listener wounded from the salt-tipped edges of their playing. Made Out of Sound isn’t necessarily softer. That’s not a word I’d use. Its certainly more fluid, though. The players are looking to jazz’ symbiosis rather than the tin-foil fusion of noise and free rock this time around. To be sure, the free rock template hasn’t been fully scrapped, but its been stenciled over a new framework, finding both artists enmeshed in a dance that’s somehow both of themselves and part of a larger picture. Corsano’s drumming is the bedrock, a flowing, natural geyser of sound that’s not necessarily playing the rhythmic foil to Orcutt. He’s carving out just as many contortions as his compatriot, but when fused to Bill’s guitar they spin out into a dynamic flurry of motion that’s constantly moving and impossible to pin to the surface.

Orcutt too is working in a medium of motion. Not that he’s ever been still for long, but here his playing blurs to the point that the angles begin to round, looping through Chris’ drums with an elliptical motion. The duo orbits one another, ducking between their respective sonic slices the opportunity presents itself. Its a tangle, but a a tangle that glows brightly the further the listener backs from the epicenter of their chaotic magic. Floating above the fray, the listener is aloft on their stringwork seance, lost in a web that glistens as it crumbles and decays as it’s reborn.

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