Centralstödet / The Myrrors

One of Sky Lantern’s early bits of intrigue came via a tape culled from the home recordings of Swedish psych harbingers Centralstödet. Those begat a live recording and now a split with scorched Earth wizards The Myrrors. The material marks the first new studio offerings from Centralstödet in years and hints at a shift away from simply steamrolled riffs into a bit of a Can/Krautrock bent, albeit one that’s flayed open like hot skin and roiling with the band’s addiction to fuzz. The three tracks on offer show a band knelt at the alter of instrumental prog and finding their footing nicely while paying respects to a long line that preceded them. It is the final submission, “Vega’s Bodega” that really shines here, letting the band really hit into the stuttered angles and let the psychedelic blood spill hot and wild.

On the flip, Arizona’s own Myrrors bring home a suite of high plains drone incantations that live up to anything on their recently released Entranced Earth. The two tracks act as halves of a larger piece and feed into one another seamlessly, skimming the horizon low and lanky on “Rayuela” before opening the full shamanic experience on “Night Flower Codex.” The band has been long lingering at the edges of acclaim, a name whispered among heads who know what’s good for them and now with this split on top of last year’s already convincing statement, they should be primed for plenty more to get on board. The release is nothing if not a showcase for two names that are topping lists of band’s to watch like hawks, as they’re laying down the shattered Earth soundtracks for our own end days to come.

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