Bitchin’ Bajas


Coming out shortly after the band’s announcement, the long awaited Bajascillators is one of the most verdant and vital releases in Bitchin’ Bajas’ catalog. Shimmering with life, practically jumping from the speakers into the pleasure centers of the brain, the album follows a cosmic path from analog tape directly into the listeners’ consciousness. On the record the Bajas are translating the band’s interlocking patterns and synth glow into cascading ripples of calm with a giddy dose of bliss caught between the bars. The band’s gone expansive, shaking off their recent Sun Ra tribute and diving headlong into a kosmiche sensibility that finds them exploring themes in four extended tracks. Built over years, amassed in stacks of tapes, this is the whittled down dose of what Crain and the band have been feeling over the last half decade, a re-calibration that we could all imbibe heavily.

The album is anchored by mechanical rhythms, slow and staid, eschewing the more prevalent motorik burble for something more methodical and meditative. Synths catch the light and refract it in all directions, the album becoming a veritable prism for joy in a wold that seems to only reflect angst. The songs on Bajascillators leech into the pores, a toxin that’s welcomed to ward off the constant weathering of day to day life in trying times. It’s easy to let oneself slip into the cartoon cadence of the band’s circular sway. Songs swing on a loose axis winding round the ever spinning axle of the album with a plush yet propulsive glee. It’s been too long since Bitchin’ Bajans soundtracked a moment of our modern melodrama, and its good to have them back in the chair, setting pulses to drip and dream.

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