Anna Fox Rochinski – “Everybody’s Down”


I was a huge fan of Quilt’s densely layered psych-pop and as the band has gone their separate ways, the new strains of its members have yielded wonderful results. Vocalist Anna Fox Rochinski has been a bit quiet in the interim between the band’s last release in 2017 and now, but it seems that she was just resting inside an ambitious pop Chrysalis until the time was right. The new single “Everybody’s Down” takes a torch to her influences, melting them down in a way that lets a hundred tip-of-the tongue moments flit by within the song’s three and a half minutes. Hung on a funk-struck bass line and syncopated guitar, the song is nods the head while dripping with the kind of aloof perfection that betrays a childhood spent with prime-era Madonna stuck in the Discman. The song sways on a pendulum of pop and prickliness that drapes Rochinki’s voice perfectly. Like the song itself, the video by OTIUM cycles through a barrage of imagery, shifting between danger and elation as quickly as Anna herself. Her solo debut, Cherry is out this week from Don Giovanni.

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