Years After – “Stand Back”


Some ‘70s blues-baiting choogle out of Norway slips into the system from Years After. Barroom piano, some Black Crowes swagger, a dash of Allman’s sweat, and that cigarette rasp all lock the track down into a lineage of Southern Rock reverie that’s miles away from its Scandinavian origins. There’s also a bit of a kinship here with some of the recent offerings from Hans Chew, or Chew-penned pieces of the One Eleven Heavy catalog. Copped this one while I was putting together the piece on Callum Rooney, and I maintain my good luck of judging records by their cover, trusting design faves to lead me towards the goodness every time. The single is out now, but seeing that a full cover was laid up on Rooney’s site, a full record is also in the woks from Apollon Records. Nice little discovery to add to the week.

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