Wireheads – “Life After Winter”


Love it when an old friend shows up out of nowhere, still disheveled and decadent in the best of ways. It’s been since 2017 since I’ve heard from Wireheads. The Aussie band went on a bit of a hiatus, replaced by the even more wobbly Dom and the Wizards. Now, Trimboli and crew are back flossing their teeth with guitar wire and letting the blood spill onto tape. Their itchy pop pedigree has long been burnt into my mind and it sounds as if no time at all has elapsed between the frazzled fray of Lighting Ears and new single “Life After Winter.” The single’s a standalone, but from the sounds of things there’s more to come, as Trimboli’s off the fractured grace of The Wizards and back into the acid arms of Wireheads. New single is out now from Tenth Court.

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