Wasted Shirt – “Double The Dream”


Well I’d be remiss not to mention this one given it involves a couple of Raven faves. Ty Segall and Brian Chippendale team their respective ecstatic impulses under the name Wasted Shirt. While the band name definitely conjures a late-night half-formed promise that “we’ll totally make a record, and its gonna be called Wasted Shirt,” the results are more than just some off-handed impulsiveness. Rooting the sound in a scarred-earth static, the pair explore the ragged terrain of the redline valley. Chippendale’s drumming is as rapid-fire as ever and the pulse pushes “Double the Dream” along like a fevered gulp. The rest of the track is pocked with a scorched hardcore turned inside out by psychedelic impulses. The song’s pace is only matched by the engrossing video laid out with animation by Somer Stampley. Feeling this one for sure. The band’s debut, Fungus II lands February 28th from Famous Class.

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